Middle East and North African History Seminar Series

Please note that the Middle East and North African History Seminar Series is on hold as of 2020.

October 26, 2018 ICC 662 4pm-5:30pm
Beshara Doumani, Brown University

November 27, 2018 CCAS Boardroom 5pm-6:30pm
Ussama Makdisi

February 26, 2019 CCAS Boardroom 5pm-6:30pm
Elizabeth Thompson


October 20, 2017 ICC 662 4pm-5:30pm
Fahad Bishara, University of Virginia
“Writing Across the Waters: Space, Time, and History on an Indian Ocean Dhow.”

December 8, 2017 ICC 662 4pm-5:30pm
Shay Hazkani, University of Maryland
“1948 from Below: A Transnational History of War for Palestine.”

January 19, 2018 ICC 662 5pm-6:30pm (updated date & time from 1/23/18)
Faisal Husain, PhD candidate, Department of History, Georgetown University
“The Waves That Roar: The Ottoman Gunboat in the Tigris-Euphrates Basin, 1546-1780.” Co-sponsored with Environmental History and Early Modern workshops.

March 16, 2018 ICC 662 4pm-5:30pm
Nükhet Varlık, Rutgers University
“The Disappearance of Plague and the Ottoman Empire”

April 6, 2018 ICC 662 4pm-5:30pm
Nadya Sbaiti, American University of Beirut
“Lebanon In Season: Tourism, ‘Summering,’ and Nation-Making in the Interwar Period”


The New Middle East: The First World War 100 Years Later

co-sponsored by Georgetown Institute of Global History and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
co-conveners Osama Abi-Mershed and Mustafa Aksakal

October 7, 2:00 PM, ICC 462
Aimee Genell, University of Miami
““Long Live Article 12!”: Woodrow Wilson and Autonomy in the Ottoman Empire.”

November 19, 1:30 PM, CCAS Boardroom, enter through ICC 241
Melanie Tanielian, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
“A ‘Purely Local Initiative’: Civil Society and Wartime Relief in Ottoman Beirut”

January 28, 5:00 PM, CCAS Boardroom
Devi Mays, University of Michigan
“Recounting the Past, Shaping the Future: Ladino Literary Representations of World War I”

April 7, 5:30 PM, CCAS Boardroom
Chris Rominger, The City University of New York
“Tunisian Jews and the First World War: Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Mobility”

April 14, 5:30 PM, CCAS Boardroom
John Bragg, New Jersey City University
“Here We Are Annoyed”: Contesting Citizenship and Capitulatory Rights in the U.S. Consular District of Trebizond (1886-1921)


September 26
L. Carl Brown, Princeton University
“The Middle Eastern Dimension of World War One: A Century of History and Historiography”

October 17
Yiğit Akın, Tulane University
“They’re Gathered Up to Die!: Popular Perceptions of the First World War in the Ottoman Empire”

November 14
Najwa al-Qattan, Loyola Marymount University
“Remembering the Great War in Lebanon: Everything, Including the Plague”

March 6
Issam Nassar, Illinois State University
“Photographing the Great War on the Palestinian Front”

April 3
Saleh Hamayel, Carnegie Centennial Fellow, CCAS, workshop paper

Roundtable with Georgetown Faculty and Students


September 14
Jessica Winegar, Interim Director, Program in Middle East and North African Studies, and Asst Professor, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
“A Civilized Revolution: Aesthetics, Political Action, and Urban Space in Egypt”

October 19
Elizabeth Thompson, University of Virginia
“Justice Interrupted: The Buried History of Syria’s Baath Party”


Laith Ulaby
“Tears in Tahrir from Tamer: The Arabic Language Music Industry and the Arab Spring” 

Ellis Goldberg, professor of political science and Director of Middle East Center, University of Washington
“What Did You Learn in the Revolution?”

Vijay Prashad, Trinity College
“Global Bonapartism and the Challenge of the South”

Marnia Lazreg, Hunter College-City University of NY
“Decolonization or counter-insurgency war? Paradoxes in Fanon’s Theory”