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The Department of History at Georgetown University is a collegial community of undergraduate majors, graduate students, alumni, and more than 40 full-time faculty members. Our faculty is broadly international in its range of skills and interests and we are known as a leader in global, trans-regional, and comparative history; we bring equal dedication to our scholarship and our students, recognizing that the synergy between research and teaching is a source of excellence in both.


The Company France Kept

Prof. Elizabeth Cross speaks about her new book, Company Politics, and the lasting legacy of the Third French East India Company.

Learn more about the FEIC and its company politics


Apollo 11’s Moon Microbe Mishaps

The New York Times interviewed Prof. Dagomar Degroot about his new article on the Apollo Program’s quarantine protocols – and their shortcomings.

Read the NYT’s article, “Cosmic Luck”


Finding the Latinx City

An conversation between Pedro A. Regalado and Prof. Mike Amezcua on LatinX Urban History.

From Mexican Chicago to Nueva York


In Dialogue with Prof. Mike Amezcua

The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative speaks with Prof. Mike Amezcua about what it means to be an urban historian.

Get to know the Making Mexican Chicago author

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History Alumnus wins Rhodes Scholarship

November 17th, 2023

Thomas Batterman (C’22), a researcher who investigates war crimes at the Department of Justice and who made new discoveries about a medieval plague while at Georgetown, has won the 2024 Rhodes Scholarship…

In Conversation with Prof. Mike Amezcua

May 4th, 2023

We look at urban space and ask “how did this come about?” The city and all that’s associated with it – from people, to buildings, to pigeons, to toxins, becomes the site of engagement for us…

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