Inclusive Climate Committee

Department of History Inclusive Climate Committee

Mission Statement
Revised 2/27/20

The Inclusive Climate Committee strives to represent all constituencies in the Department of History. While all members of the Department share a commitment to the Department’s Statement of Values, the Inclusive Climate Committee is especially concerned with enacting these values to foster an environment in which all community members can do their best creative work. To that end, it organizes annual bystander training; it promotes awareness of different aspects of inclusivity in the workplace and the classroom through programming; and it encourages frank and professional dialogue on concerns in and outside the classroom. The committee’s members serve as resources for students, staff, and faculty in the department and welcome concerns and questions from their fellow community members.

The committee’s members include graduate students from both programs, elected by their peers; a staff member, chosen by their peers; faculty members from each rank, appointed by the department chair in consultation with the ICC chair; and several ex officio members: the History Department chair, the directors of the undergraduate, doctoral and MAGIC programs, and the student assistants for each program. 


Professors Alison Games (Chair), Gregory Afinogenov, Katherine Benton-Cohen (DDS, ex officio), Amy Leonard (DUS, ex officio), Bryan McCann (Chair, ex officio), Jim Millward (DMS, ex officio)

Amy Chidester, Administrative Officer

Doctoral Students: Calla Cameron (ADDS, ex officio), Luke Frederick, Kate Steir

MAGIC Students: Devinie Lye-Ukwattage (first-year representative), Emmanuel Mehr (second-year representative) Victoria Oswald (ADMS, ex officio)