By departmental custom and disciplinary convention, the History Department has several geographically and regionally defined graduate fields. But historians—especially several at Georgetown— increasingly work outside these traditional frameworks and instead explore global, maritime, international, transnational, and borderlands history. The Transregional field was created in 2005 in order facilitate doctoral research that crosses modern political borders and that span oceans. The Transregional field attracts students in two main areas of specialization: international history, and Atlantic history. Students also apply to the transregional field to study other ocean basins, including the Mediterranean and the Pacific, borderlands and frontiers, and global history.

Students in the Transregional field find a robust intellectual community not only in the department, but also through the programs supported by the Georgetown Institute for Global History, especially the standing seminars in Early Modern Global History (convened by Games) and International History (convened by Higuchi, McNeill, Painter, and Roshwald). These seminars enable graduate students to meet faculty, students, and other scholars in the Washington area.

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