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Many in the History Department have been honored with a variety of  awards and fellowships, both at home and abroad. More than a dozen books authored by faculty members have been awarded national and international book prizes. The History Department is also known for its commitment to excellence in teaching, and we count among our ranks six recipients of the College Dean’s Teaching Award. At the same time, our award-winning faculty remains at the forefront of research and publication in their respective field.

Following is a comprehensive list of our faculty, with a concise mention of credentials and research interests, with links to each individual's Explore page with further detail. Our Faculty Awards and Honors section offers an overview of recent faculty publications, honors, and awards.

For some guidance on details teaching at Georgetown please see Faculty Guide to Teaching.

Ordinary Faculty

  • Osama W Abi-Mershed
    Osama W Abi-Mershed
    Associate Professor and Director of Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
    PhD, Georgetown, 2003
    Middle East and North Africa
  • Gabor Agoston
    Gabor Agoston
    Associate Professor
    PhD, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 1994
    Ottoman Empire, Turkey, early modern military
  • Aksakal
    Mustafa Aksakal
    Associate Professor
    PhD, Princeton, 2003
    Modern Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Middle East
  • Tommaso Astarita
    Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
    PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, 1988
    The Italian South in the Early Modern Period
  • Carol Benedict
    Carol Benedict
    Department Chair and Professor
    PhD, Stanford 1992
    China, Chinese medicine, Japan
  • Katherine A Benton-Cohen
    Katherine A Benton-Cohen
    Associate Professor and Interim Director of GIGH
    PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2002
    19th and 20th century U.S., Gender, American West
  • Marcia Chatelain
    Assistant Professor
    PhD, Brown,2008
    American civilization, African American, Women/Food/Culture/Community
  • David J Collins
    David J Collins
    Director of Doctoral Studies and Associate Professor
    PhD, Northwestern 2004
    Medieval Germany
  • James Collins
    Professor; Sabbatical Leave Spring,2014
    PhD, Columbia 1978
    16th- through 18th-century Europe
  • Michael David-Fox
    PhD, Yale, 1993
    Modern Russia, Soviet/Russia/Eurasia
  • Kathryn M de Luna
    Assistant Professor
    PhD, Northwestern, 2008
    Pre-Colonial Africa, Historical Linguistics
  • Peter Dunkley
    Peter Dunkley
    Associate Dean of SFS and Associate Professor
    PhD, Stanford 1976
    Britain (esp. 19th century)
  • Catherine Evtuhov
    PhD, California, Berkeley 1991
    Imperial Russia
  • Alison Games
    Professor and Director, Georgetown Institute for Global History
    PhD, Pennsylvania 1992
    Colonial America, Atlantic, Migration
  • David Goldfrank
    David Goldfrank
    Professor and Director of Medieval Studies Program
    PhD, Washington 1970
    Medieval and Early Modern Russia, Russian Intellectual and Foreign Policy, Eastern Europe
  • Yvonne Y Haddad
    Yvonne Y Haddad
    Professor and Faculty, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding - Sabbatical Leave Fall, 2013 and Spring, 2014
    PhD, Hartford Sem. 1979
    Middle East, 20th-Century Islamic, Social and Intellectual
  • Sandra Horvath-Peterson
    Associate Professor
    PhD, Catholic 1971
    Modern France (esp. Social and Religious)
  • Maurice Jackson
    Maurice Jackson
    Associate Professor
    PhD, Georgetown 2001
    Atlantic, African-American, Radicalism
  • Andrzej Kaminski
    Professor - Sabbatical Leave Fall, 2013 and Spring,2014
    PhD, Jagellonian, Poland, 1966
    Early Modern East Central Europe, Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Michael Kazin
    Professor - Distinguished Visiting Fellow CUNY Fall, 2013 and Spring, 2014
    PhD, Stanford 1983
    U.S. Social Movements and Politics, Reconstruction to Present


  • BENTON, James C. (PhD cand., Georgetown; Davis Fellow) US, labor, black Atlantic
  • DANFORTH, Nick (PhD cand., Georgetown; Davis Fellow) modern Turkey, nationalism, US foreign policy
  • DAVIES-LENOBLE, Geraldine (PhD cand., Georgetown; Davis Fellow) Latin America, Argentina, comparative frontier studies
  • DIXON, Patrick (PhD cand., Georgetown; teaching assoc.) US
  • GARDNER, Zackary (PhD cand., Georgetown; teaching assoc.) US
  • KONDAYANIDI, Anita (PhD cand., Georgetown ; teaching assoc) Russia, Russian Revolution; Stalinist Culture, Cultural Diplomacy
  • MEGOWAN, Erina (PhD cand., Georgetown; teaching assoc.) Soviet culture and cultural mobilization, World War II, late Stalinism
  • SHEN, Yubin (PhD cand., Georgetown; Davis Fellow) modern China, medicine and disease, environmental
  • VELOZ, Larisa (PhD cand., Georgetown; Davis Fellow) 20th-century Mexico, Mexico-US migration, border/borderlands
  • WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (PhD cand., Georgetown; Davis Fellow) Middle East

Visiting Faculty

  • KEELEY, Theresa (Ph.D. Northwestern 2013; Visiting Assistant Professor)
    U.S. Foreign Relations; Catholicism in Latin America; Human Rights, Gender, Legal History
  • PINKARD, Susan (PhD, Chicago 1982; Visiting Associate Professor)
    Europe, History of Ideas, History of Material Culture

Adjunct Faculty

  • DOLBILOV, Mikhail D. (PhD, Voronezh State, Russia, 1996; adj. prof.) Russian empire, ethnicity and nationalism, Imperial bureaucracy
  • KAPLAN, Lawrence S. (PhD, Yale, 1951; adj. prof.) US military, diplomatic society
  • KUISEL, Richard F. (PhD, California, Berkeley, 1963; adj. prof. and faculty, German and European Studies) 20th-century France, contemporary Europe, Americanization
  • ROULAND, Michael R. (PhD, Georgetown, 2005; adj. prof.) mid-19th-century Russia
  • SHUMWAY, Rebecca (PhD, Emory, 2004; adj. prof.) Africa, trans-Atlantic slave trade
  • WALL, Michael C. (PhD, Georgetown, 2002; adj. prof.) Sino-US relations, motion picture imagery and censorship
  • ZIMMERS, Stefan (PhD, Georgetown, 2007; PhD, Georgetown, 2007; adj. prof.) medieval Europe


 Affiliated Faculty

  • BALZER, Harley (PhD, Pennsylvania 1980; Associate Professor of Government)
    Russian Politics, Social History, Science and Technology, Education
  • ERNST, Daniel (JD, Chicago 1983, LLM, Wisconsin 1988, PhD, Princeton 1989; Professor of Law)
    U.S. Legal
  • KIM, Christine (Ph.D. Harvard 2004, Assistant Professor)
    Modern Korea, Colonial Modernity, Empire Studies

Emeritus Faculty

  • BROWN, Dorothy M. (PhD, Georgetown 1962; prof. emerita)
    20th-century America, interwar America, Progressive Era
  • CHICKERING, Roger (PhD, Stanford 1968; prof. emeritus)
    Modern Germany 
  • CURRAN, R. Emmett (PhD, Yale 1974; prof. emeritus)
    American intellectual and religious, American immigration, U.S. South
  • DUNCAN, Richard (PhD, Ohio State 1963; prof. emeritus)
    U.S. political, Civil War and Reconstruction, Middle Period U.S.
  • JOHNSON, Ronald M. (PhD, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 1970; prof. emeritus)
    American urban, African-American, U.S. social
  • RUEDY, John D. (PhD, California, Berkeley 1965; prof. emeritus)
    Islamic civilization, Middle East, Maghrib
  • VOLL, John O. (PhD, Massachusetts, Harvard 1969; prof. emeritus 
    World History; Middle East, Modern Islamic


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