Scholars and other interested parties are encouraged to consult the following resources in learning more about the Gulag system including efforts of the renowned Memorial Foundation, Stepan Cernousek’s, and Gulag. Online projects, as well as those of the GULAG History Museum, operated by the Moscow Department of Culture.


Online Exhibits


  • Highly interactive maps by the GULAG History Museum and Gulag Online of the reach and development of the Gulag apparatus.
  • An interactive map including the frequently overlooked special settlements of the “unknown” Gulag within Perm Krai, maintained by the Perm Krai Branch of the Memorial Foundation.
  • A series of static maps created under the leadership of Judith Pallot aimed to capture various demographic dimensions of the Gulag population including gender and state of health.

Primary Sources

Notable Recent Publications

Writers continue to publish work on the Gulag catering to various audiences: