MA Alumni Spotlight: Kyra Daniel

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Kyra Daniel (MAGIC ’16) earned her BA in history and African-American Studies from the University of Virginia, and came to the MAGIC program to further explore her interests in race relations, U.S., and Atlantic history, and to prepare herself for doctoral work.  While in the MAGIC program she worked as a research assistant for Professor Maurice Jackson and conducted her own research on North American planters’ responses to the Haitian Revolution. 

This fall, Kyra will attend Yale University’s doctoral program in History and American Studies on a six-year fellowship. “Georgetown’s MAGIC program greatly prepared me to be a competitive applicant when applying to Ph.D. programs,” she says, noting the extensive focus on researching and writing skills. Kyra also credits the MAGIC program’s transnational focus with broadening her historical perspective, and says that taking classes with Georgetown’s Ph.D. students helped her understand the expectations of doctoral work.