Emrah Safa Gürkan (PhD’12) Chosen as the “Promising Scholar of the Year” at the 14th Kadir Has Awards

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On March 22, 2018, Assoc. Prof. Emrah Safa Gürkan (PhD in Late Medieval and European History, Georgetown University, 2012) was chosen as the “Promising Scholar of the Year” at the 14th Kadir Has Awards, organized by Kadir Has University, İstanbul. The jury chose Gürkan for his “groundbreaking contribution” to Ottoman socio-economic history, accentuating his cross-reading of Ottoman and European archival sources and the comparative approach that seeks to study Ottoman history within the general paradigms of European and Mediterranean history in his monography, Sultanın Casusları (Spies for the Sultan).  Deriving from his 2012 dissertation, the book made four prints in a year, selling 10,000 copies and receiving critical praise from his colleagues. Dr. Gürkan currently works at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at İstanbul 29 Mayıs University, Turkey.