Prospective Undergraduate Students

As a history student or major at Georgetown, you will learn to think critically, read and write effectively, and argue persuasively. You will have the opportunity to study any region of the world, to understand how time and culture shape human experience, and to examine how our own world is shaped by the past. You will study with some of Georgetown’s most dedicated professors and be exposed to a broad range of analytical techniques and of reading and writing assignments. Georgetown’s History students graduate with the best of what a liberal arts education has to offer: the skills necessary for most professions, the engaged and critical frame of mind that prepares for active and empathetic citizenship, and the spirit of curiosity that leads to lifelong learning.

How can I find out if History is right for me?

The best way is to take History classes! College-level History can be quite different from what you might have had in high school. Georgetown’s History professors teach History, and they also research and write it: the courses we teach are not just about memorizing facts or storylines - they are about understanding (and reflecting on) how we know what we know about the past (and the present), how different peoples and cultures faced the challenges of different eras, and how we can use a great variety of evidence to reconstruct past times and cultures.  The History Department has more award-winning teachers than any other College department at Georgetown, and our courses will help you develop your reading and writing skills, and expand your awareness of the world, even if you do not eventually become a history major. 

Examples of our faculty’s recent media presence:

The Name of War

The Horrors 12 Years a Slave Could Not Tell

How to Teach Kids About What's Happening in Ferguson 

Possible contacts among our faculty and majors:

If you have any questions about our program, please contact Professor Tommaso Astarita, the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department. 

You may also contact the following current History majors:

Caleb Chertow

Morgan Hines

Benjamin Lillian

Casey Nolan

Do AP exams count for History credit?

Top scores in the European or World history AP tests (or on corresponding IB tests) will give students credit for one of the required History courses, and place them at the upper level for their other History requirements.  No credit is granted for the AP test in U.S. history.  For details on these policies, please consult the Georgetown Undergraduate Bulletin.