MA vs PhD Admissions


The Georgetown History Department reviews applications for the MA program and the PhD program separately.  The committees are comprised of different members, and the method of assessing application is different.  Students are welcome to apply to both programs, but should not assume that the application process or criteria is the same.

The MAGIC program is a two-year terminal MA degree which provides students the opportunity to expand their writing, research, language, and analytical skills in the discipline.  MAGIC graduates have the opportunity to explore their interests in global history, and eventually go on to the professional world or pursue additional academic endeavors in PhD programs.  Students admitted to MAGIC are not guaranteed admission to the Georgetown PhD program, although students who continue their studies at Georgetown are able to transfer all MAGIC credits towards their History PhD degree.  Many other PhD programs also allow graduates to secure advanced standing in their respective PhD programs with the MAGIC degree. 

The PhD program is a seven-year course of study comprised of coursework, comprehensive exams, and the drafting of a dissertation.  At Georgetown, as in other top-tier programs, admission to the PhD program is extremely competitive--roughly 10 percent of applicants are accepted each year.  All students who are admitted to the program are offered a funding package, the most common one being the 5-year package consisting of full tuition scholarship and stipend support.  Approximately three quarters of our applicant pool already have an MA in History, Political Science, International Relations, or another field. 

Applicants who have further questions regarding the differences between the two programs and application protocols should contact Carolina Madinaveitia, Graduate Programs Manager.