Cost & Financial Aid


Current program costs can be found here.  MAGIC students will pay the tuition and fees listed under "GRD."  These totals assume that students take 12 credit hours in both the fall and spring semesters; however, the normative credit load for MAGIC is 9 credits per semester.  A more accurate projection of the program cost would be to calculate the cost per credit by the credit total (30).  In addition, some students will take fewer credits in their second year, so overall costs will be lower.  MA students are not charged tuition for Georgetown language courses in the fall and spring semesters.


The History Department offers a limited number of merit-based opportunities.  All MAGIC applicants are automatically considered for merit-based financial aid during the application process; the top applicants in the pool will be offered aid packages in the form of partial tuition remission.  The History Department is unable to provide stipend opportunities to MAGIC students, including teaching assistantships and/or research assistantships. 


Students are strongly encouraged to apply for external sources of funding concurrently with their applications to the program.  Unlike undergraduate admissions, where most applicants apply for admission first and then apply for aid, applications for national scholasrhips and graduate financial aid applications often have their deadlines at the same time or prior to program admission dates. 

For more information on grants, fellowships, and other external funding opportunities, please visit the Graduate School's page on Grant Finding and Writing Resources, and the Office of Student Financial Services' page on Outside Scholarships.

Students are also able to find job opportunities on and off campus.


Students interested in more information on federal loans and grants should contact the Office of Student Financial Services.


For MAGIC specific questions regarding financial aid, please contact Carolina Madinaveitia, the Graduate Programs Manager.