The field of Colonial North American and U.S. History at Georgetown University offers a range of course offerings and specializations for graduate study. Scholars in this field work in such diverse areas as diplomatic history, political history, social history, labor history, slavery and emancipation, Civil War and Reconstruction, immigration, women's history, and the history of the Atlantic world. The field is particularly strong in the areas of 20th century U.S. diplomatic and domestic history (with four specialists), 19th century U.S. (with five specialists) and the history of Atlantic world (with three specialists).  Additionally there is a 19th Century U.S. History Seminar Series under the sponsorship of the Georgetown Institute for Global History.

For more information, please contact Prof. Katherine Benton-Cohen, faculty representative to the Graduate Studies Committee.  

Also the following current doctoral students would be happy to speak with you:

Chad Frazier

Ben Feldman

Molly Thacker


BENTON-COHEN, Katherine (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2002; assoc prof) 19th and 20th century U.S., Gender, American West

GAMES, Alison F. (PhD, Pennsylvania 1992; prof.) Colonial America, Atlantic, migration

JACKSON, Maurice (PhD, Georgetown 2001; assoc. prof.) Atlantic, African-American, Radicalism, and the History of Antislavery

JOHNSON, Ronald M. (PhD, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 1970; prof. emeritus) American urban, African-American, U.S. social

KAZIN, Michael (PhD, Stanford 1983; prof.) U.S. social movements and politics, Reconstruction to present

MANNING, Chandra (PhD, Harvard 2002; assoc. prof.) U.S., Civil War

MCCARTIN, Joseph (PhD, SUNY-Binghamton 1990; prof. and Director of the Kalmonovitz Center for the Study of Labor and the Working Poor) 20th-century U.S. labor, social, political

PAINTER, David (PhD, North Carolina 1982; assoc. prof.) U.S. diplomatic

ROTHMAN, Adam (PhD, Columbia, 2000; assoc. prof.) Early national U.S., slavery, Atlantic