Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2016

Students Receive Honors in History & International History

Georgetown College and the School of Foreign Service held their commencement ceremonies on May 21, 2016. Seven students, under the direction of their faculty mentors and Professor Amy Leonard, received Honors in the College History major and four others received Honors in the SFS International History major. In addition to maintaining a high Grade Point Average, the following students distinguished themselves by completing a senior thesis of honors quality:

Daniel Aherne (College'16), "Trouble Brewing: Brewers’ Resistance to Prohibition and anti-German Sentiment"

James Constant (College'16), "The Day We Lost the Beat: Techno's Journey from Detroit to Berlin"

Michael Donnay (College'16), "Under One Management: The Jesuit Colleges in the Maryland-New York Province, 1879-1926"

James Gadea (SFS'16), "Regional Ostracism and Outcast State-Bonding: The Crystallization of Diplomatic Relations between Israel and Communist Romania, 1948-1989"

Emily Kent (College'16), "Making French: Redefining the Language of Intellectualism in Sixteenth-Century Paris"

Samuel Kleinman (College'16), "State's Spies: The Bureau of Secret Intelligence and the Development of State Department Bureaucracy in the First World War"

Caleb Morell (SFS'16), "Radically [In]tolerant: How English Baptists Changed the Early Modern Toleration Debate"

Edward Percarpio (SFS'16), "Building Glass Castles: Rethinking Privacy and Surveillance from the Pantheon to the Panopticon"

Matthew Quallen (SFS'16), "Making Animals, Making Slaves: Animalization and Slavery in the Antebellum United States"

Emma Schaff (College'16), "A Fair to Remember: The Gilding of Chicago at the 1893 World's Fair"

Lauren Wyszomierski (College'16), “'He Killed My Ma, He Killed My Pa… I'll Vote for Him': The Narratives of Liberia's Warlords, and Where the World Stopped Listening"

These theses are available in digital form through Lauinger Library.

Congratulations to those who receiving Honors as well as all of our 2016 graduating senior History majors!