Congratulations to History Ph.D. Graduates, 2016

Fifteen History Ph.D.s Degrees Conferred at GSAS Commencement, May 20, 2016

The Georgetown Graduate School of Arts and Sciences held its commencement exercises on Friday, May 20, 2016. Among those receiving Ph.D. degrees were fifteen History doctoral students. The graduates for received Ph.D. degrees in the 2015-2016 academic year are:

Summer, 2015

Christopher Gratien (distinction)
"The Mountains Are Ours: Ecology and Settlement in Late Ottoman and early Republican Cilicia, 1856-1956."
Judith Tucker (advisor), John McNeill, Gabor Agoston, Mustafa Aksakal

E. John Gregory (distinction)
"Desertion and the Militarization of Qing Legal Culture"
James Millward (advisor), Carol Benedict, Micah Muscolino (Oxford University), Matthew Sommer (Stanford University)

Glen Johnson
“The Reflection Of Byzantine "Political Hesychasm" In The Literature Of The Second South Slavic Influence”
David Goldfrank (advisor), David J. Collins, S.J., Robert Romanchuk (Florida State University)

Kelly Hammond
"The Conundrum of Collaboration: Japanese Involvement with Muslims in North China, 1931-1945."
James Millward (advisor), Carol Benedict, Jordan Sand, Jonathan Lipman (Mt. Holyoke University)

Shuang Wen
"Mediated Imaginations: Chinese-Arab Connections in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries."
John Voll (advisor), Jordan Sand, James Millward, Carol Benedict, Judith Tucker

Fall, 2015

Nicholas Danforth
“Memory, Modernity, and the Remaking of Republican Turkey:  1945-1960”
Mustafa Aksakal (advisor), Aviel Roshwald, Nathan Citino (Rice University)

Patrick Dixon
"The Hamlet Factory Fire and the Political Economy of Poultry."
Joseph McCartin (advisor), Susan Pinkard, Katherine Benton-Cohen

Christopher England
“Land and Liberty: Henry George, the Single Tax Movement, and the Origins of the 20th Century Liberalism”
Michael Kazin (advisor), Joseph McCartin, Jennifer Burns (Stanford University)

Alexei Pimenov
“German Romantic Nationalism and Indian Cultural Tradition”
Catherine Evtuhov (advisor), Aviel Roshwald, Terry Pinkard, Boris Gasparov (Columbia University)

Larisa Veloz (Distinction)
“’Even the Women Are Leaving’ Gendered Migrations between Mexico and the United States: Revolutionary Diasporas, Depression-Era Depatriations, and Wartime Bracero Controls, 1900-1950”
John Tutino (advisor), Bryan McCann, Katherine Benton-Cohen

Elizabeth Williams
“Cultivating Empires: Environment, Expertise, and Scientific Agriculture in Late Ottoman and French Mandate Syria”
Judith Tucker (advisor), John McNeill, James Collins

Spring, 2016

Zackary Gardner
“Uniforming the Rugged: Identity and the American Administrative State during the Progressive Era, 1898-1917”
Katherine Benton-Cohen (advisor), Michael Kazin, Chandra Manning, Christopher Capozzola (MIT)

Barry McCarron
“The Global Irish and Chinese: Migration, Exclusion, and Foreign Relations Among Empires, 1784-1904”
Carol Benedict (advisor), David Painter, Katherine Benton-Cohen

Lan Ngo, S.J.
“Nguyen-Catholic History (1770s-1890s) and the Gestation of Vietnamese Catholic National Identity”
Sandra Horvath-Peterson (chair), James Millward, Carol Benedict, Peter Phan, Nhung Tuyet Tran (U Toronto)

Alan Roe
“Into Soviet Nature: Tourism, Environmental Protection, & The Formation of Soviet National Parks, 1950s-1990s”
John McNeill (advisor), Catherine Evtuhov, Michael David-Fox, David Goldfrank, Douglas Weiner (U Arizona)

Congratulations to these new Georgetown alumni!