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Georgetown University and King's College London

The Joint Master's Degree in Global History exposes students to two sets of international history faculty in two major global metropolises: King’s College London and Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The History Department at King’s College has notable strengths in European, British, and Imperial History. These fields are neatly complemented by Georgetown’s distinctive strengths in Middle Eastern, Russian & East European, East and South Asian, Latin American, African, U.S., and Global Environmental History (as well as Early Modern and Modern Europe). Together these combined  strengths offer students an extraordinarily rich array of thematic, geographic, and cultural perspectives from which to study global history. The two institutions’ locations in the capital cities of the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively,  also afford students direct access to a tremendous array of archival sources for the pursuit of their research projects.

2010-2011 saw the founding of the King’s College, London-Georgetown University Global History Forum. In September 2010 the Forum met at Georgetown, opened by University President John DeGioia.  Six Georgetown History faculty (Gabor Agoston, Alison Games, John McNeill, David Painter, Aviel Roshwald, and John Tutino) joined four colleagues from King’s  College London in a day of sessions devoted to rethinking historical processes of empire and globalization.  In May 2012, the Forum met again at King’s College London. Professors Games, Painter, Roshwald, and Tutino were joined by newcomers Katie Benton-Cohen and Judith Tucker in two days of seminars with eight King’s faculty.


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