Georgetown University and King's College London

MAGH, Georgetown University and King's College London

The Joint Degree Program with King's College London is not accepting applications for the 2015-16 academic year.

The Joint Master's Degree in Global History (MAGH) offers students the same rigorous training in the methods and practices of global history as our MAGIC program, while introducing students to the history faculty of two major global universities: King’s College London and Georgetown University. The History Department at King’s College has strengths in European, British, and Imperial History. These fields are complemented by Georgetown’s distinctive strengths in Middle Eastern, Russian & East European, East and South Asian, Latin American, African, U.S., and Global Environmental History (as well as Early Modern and Modern Europe). Together, these two departments offer students an extraordinarily rich array of thematic, geographic, and cultural perspectives on global history. Located in the capital cities of the United Kingdom and the United States, the MAGH program puts students within reach of unparalleled archival sources for the pursuit of their research projects.

Students in the joint degree program spend one year at Georgetown and one year at King’s College London. The order of attendance is up to the student. Requirements for the degree are outlined under Course of Study.