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MA Students Trans-regional and global processes have marked the emergence of the modern world, accelerating since the sixteenth century. They define the century now beginning. Knowledge of history is essential to grappling with continuing global integration and conflict. Knowledge of international processes is essential to understanding history .The Georgetown University MA programs will provide an educational foundation for professional participation in the world of global affairs. History as a discipline aims to analyze and integrate politics and states, production and work, environment and society, culture and religion, gender and family. History seeks to understand the interactions of these factors as they change over time, and it views local, regional, and national developments in international contexts. Thus, the MA programs will offer students the historical knowledge, the mix of global and local perspectives, the analytical visions, and the foreign language, writing and communications skills to prepare them to participate productively in a global professional world in such fields as government service, journalism, international agencies, and global business. The Georgetown MA programs will also serve to prepare students for doctoral study in History and related fields such as Government, International Relations, and Sociology.

The History Department faculty at Georgetown is uniquely international in its research and teaching interests. Over half of the 40 members of the ordinary faculty specialize in areas outside the United States and Western Europe. The Georgetown history faculty has strengths in both early modern (c.1500 to 1800) and modern history (c. 1750 to present). These strengths span the Americas and the Atlantic World, Africa, Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe, the Arab and Islamic Worlds, and East Asia..

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